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“We cannot ignore the need to increase production…

As the global population continues to grow, we turn to innovation-driven solutions to feed the world while addressing the environmental impact of agriculture.

Shaping the
Future of Farming

We provide integrated crop solutions for helping growers achieve high yeilds and profitable projects in a sustainable manner.

pic-1-fancyFarming is exciting but climate change and human footprints are adding challenges year after year.

We can’t ignore the need to increase production, but at the same time we must be respectful to Environment and minimize destabilization of ecosystems. We’ve made it our guidelines in delivering our services.

Growers are facing many challenges but at the same time, great future opportunities as well.

Arieli-Ag Ltd. was established to share expertise and capabilities for solving various difficulties that growers encounter,
especially thier wish for high production of yeild with less resource.

Starting a new project involve some important questions, to which growers must consider in order to be efficient and achieve productive results.
It is extremely important to know the WWW (Where. What. Why) prior to taking any action.
Where is the project located?
What are the desired crops?
Why are you doing this?

It takes vast experience, skills and knowledge to properly recommend strategy and ways for implementation.
Arieli-Ag’s team brings over 50 years of agronomic and management expertise combined.
As we walk together, you get to turn yor project from just an idea to profitable results.
Arieli-Ag Ltd. is focused on achieving its customers’ targets, using innovative-driven solutions, whiles addressing the environmental impact of agriculture.

Yes! there are lots of opportunities out there for farmers and our goal is to enable rural development and prosperity, through sustainable agricultural and Agro-processing opportunities.

We mainly focus on crops like vegetables, Mango, Avocado, Cassava, Rice and Maize.
However, we have special interest and vast experience in eco-friendly methods for growing higher and healthy yields in Cocoa, Cotton and Coffee plantations.

Supporting agricultural activities in West Africa

Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory coast, Benin and Burkina Faso.
responsiveARIELI-AG Ltd. has its headquarters in Cyprus, where our team takes care of activities and supervision of intercontinental projects.

Arieli-Ag Ltd. has a contact office in Ghana and its R&D in Israel, both responsible for the West African clients and projects, respectively.

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